Give With Purpose. 

Registries + Wishlists + Charitable Giving + Giveaways

Most wish lists don’t give back. Your’s will.

Quinnd Gives 100% of profits to charities making a difference


We are the only site combining gift registries and wish lists with thoughtful giving. As you fulfill wish list and registry items, all profits we receive from your shopping go straight to nonprofit wish list fulfillment. We also introduce thoughtful products through our blogs and giveaways. These provide ideas for your everyday shopping collections, your wish lists & registries, and your gifts to those you really care about for their birthdays and more. Unless they already have their own wish list on Quinnd then you can get them exactly what they want! 

Not only does Quinnd give 100% with your purchases, but we also spotlight nonprofits doing good work, tell you their story, and give you the opportunity to support them through their wish lists if you choose. Writing a check is cool, but what about knowing EXACTLY where your dollars are going. We assist charities in creating their wish lists too – we understand that nonprofits need these important products so we do everything to help them succeed. 

And that’s the of Quinnd.


Add any product to any of your collections any time. This way you won’t forget about them when you want to remember them most…like when someone asks you, “what do you want for your birthday?” We are bringing the meaning back to gift giving. Even your pet can have a collection. Who doesn’t love spoiling their fur children?

Our homepage features nonprofits we want to highlight as well as products from companies that make a positive difference that you will want to support. 

Giving Through Quinnd

Nonprofits: Make wishes come true by fulfilling the needs of organizations doing good things and could use your help.

New Moms: This is such an exciting time in your life! We provide assistance to create the most unique and attractive universal registry imaginable. Our favorite part is that all new moms making Quinnd their baby registry get to select a nonprofit or nonprofit category for a $50 wish list donation Quinnd will make in celebration of their new baby. Oh – we give the new mom a gift too.  

More: Create birthday/graduation/anniversary/holiday/children’s birthday/housewarming registry or wish list so you get just what you want in the right size and color – no duplicates and returns – no hoarding gifts you will never use. 

*We DON’T sell your information, barrage you with emails, or clutter our site with ads. 


Let the giving begin.

Can’t wait to see what you’ve Quinnd.

Interested in Becoming a Quinndtributor?

If you are interested in Quinnd’tributing, contact us to learn more and have your product recommendations featured on our home page. Don’t forget to tell us about your favorite charities (that need products) and socially responsible companies so we can feature them on our homepage!