Build Your First Wishlist or Collection

There are SO many reasons why you should be on Quinnd.  You can keep your wishlists, recipes, your shopping lists, your vacation planning lists, gift ideas, recommendations and more – all in one place.  It really makes for easy planning, shopping and sharing.  
Important:  We don’t overload you with advertising and we don’t sell your information.  We DO highlight fantastic companies (mainly small businesses) and nonprofits who are doing great things.   

Let’s get started!

1: Register! We will then verify your email address so check your inbox and your junk mail (depending upon your settings it is possible the email could go there). Once you have verified your email address by clicking on the link in the email we sent you, it is now time to login!


2. Click on either Profile or Collections

3. Click “Add Collection”

Pick your collection title, main image, and description if you would like to share more:

You can also leave the collection image and description blank and return to it later if you wish.

Now, Let’s go shopping! Add products, recipes, destinations, restaurant menus, hotels, etc.

If you have downloaded our extension button, you can add items through that.

If not:

Click on “Add an Item”

and this will bring up a URL box:

This URL box is where you will paste the link of the item you would like to add. Just copy the link on the product page and paste the link into the URL box.

Many online stores will automatically download the title, picture, description, and of course, the link.

This is not always the case. If the picture does not upload or you have questions about various boxes, click the “help” icon in the upper right corner of the “crown item” box or email us and we will help!

The help icon will lead to a page that will explain everything from how to save product pictures to how to add more pictures. Note: you don’t need to upload the store’s picture manually – – you can upload your own picture as well. Be creative!

Don’t forget to follow your friends to see what they are adding to their boards: their items will appear on your newsfeed.

It’s fun.  It’s convenient.

Happy Quinnding!