Create a Board for your local Shelter. SAMPLE BOARD

At Quinnd, we are committed to helping organizations that are helping others. We encourage you to build boards for your local animal shelters, children’s services, homeless services, and any other organization that is truly devoted to bringing a better life to others.

Some of us are BIG-TIME animal lovers and know of shelters going above and beyond to take care of these special animals others have left behind.  Here’s what Quinnd can do for them.  Call or visit the shelter and get a list of all the things they need:  Beds, Towels, Food, Treats, gates, leashes, collars, etc.  Create a registry.

Why a registry and not just a regular board?  A registry will subtract the items once it has been purchased. You will only get what you want and need.

Who will purchase for them?  Well, most shelters have an email list of contributors.  All they need to do is tell them they have their wishlist on They can even director people to their personal URL. You can help them set up their account under the shelter name then start adding products.  Questions? Have them email us and we can help!

Why should they do it?  The more exposure for them, the better AND we can educate our users about different nonprofits across the county.  Profile pages can contain a link to their personal site too so users can contact them directly if they wish!

Some great features for nonprofits when using Quinnd:

Users can follow nonprofit pages so that the nonprofit registry board items will go straight to their newsfeed. This is a feature strictly available for nonprofits: registry items on the newsfeed. This way, users can be notified when on the newsfeed if a nonprofit needs new items fulfilled and these items can be fulfilled immediately.

Nonprofits can add personality to their boards and profile pages. For example, if an animal shelter gets 20 new dogs and they need beds, the bed posts can include pictures of the dogs and their stories.  All profiles, boards, and product posts have the ability to add pictures and text so that users can hear the whole story!

Remember, Quinnd is not limited to one or two Pet Stores for product requests.  You can order from ANY online store: Petsmart, Petco, Chewy, Walgreens, Walmart, Amazon and so on…
We will be featuring nonprofits every month and granting a wish from their board…it could be you!  Plus, each featured nonprofit will get more exposure through our users.