In BTB Feng Shui, we use a Bagua Map as a tool. You hold it with your back to the front door and visualize your floorpan from that perspective. 

Over the coming months we will discuss each section and enhancements within each area, but today we are focusing on the relationship area, the pink one at the top right corner of your space. So, as you stand with your back to your front door, look to the far right/back section of your house.

If you are looking for a partner, ready to enhance your marriage, or even want to build better business relationships, the following are some ideas to transform the relationship energy in your life.

  • This area can be nourished with the colors pink, red, yellow, and skin tones.

  • Earth elements such as clay sculptures, vases, bowls and dishes will enhance this area. If you do use vases designed for flowers, use them for their designated purpose, and keep the water CLEAN in the vases so the energy in your life is clean and clear as well. 

  • Crystals are probably my favorite way to bring in more earth elements, and a wonderful symbolic piece of décor of intention. Red, pink, or yellow crystals will live beautifully in this section. Crystals will bring lucky energy to the relationship area. If you have a window here, place one in front of the window allowing the crystal to capture the light of the sun, and disperse it’s energy in every direction.

  • Make sure the relationship area of your home, office, or other space is well lit, comfortable, cozy, and safe. If there is a door here, keep it locked, or windows, keep them closed at night.

  • Squares are the shape of this earth sector, and work excellent here. You can use square picture frames, square candles, or perhaps a square piece of artwork that promotes love. 

  • Artwork that is placed in this area should promote all things you want to manifest in relationships. If you have a current partner, placing a happy and joyful photograph of the two of you together is supportive here.

  • The direction of the earth element is north. Do something specific to the north area of this gua (area) that is reflective of your intention with relationship. For example, I have a client that wanted to bring in love. On a square notepad, she wrote intentions of the characteristics of the man she wanted in a partner, as well as the qualities she saw her self bringing to that partnership. She placed it behind a picture in the north area of this sector. After she brought that relationship in, she gave gratitude by writing a thank you letter to the universe, and replaced that list with the gratitude letter.

  • There is not a specified season of earth. Transitional periods are of the earth element. Therefore this is a good place to keep a seasonal calendar, or decorate according to what season is upon you!

  • The number of the relationship area is 2. Use paired objects to promote coupled energy; two red square candles or my favorite is two small pink rose quartz, heart shaped crystals.

Now that you know how to enhance this area, I want to advise of some things to avoid.

While this is an earth sector, it is still important to keep the area in balance of all 5 elements. Having said that, in the cycle of the 5 elements, wood and metal exhaust earth. Given these relationships, it works well to remove large wood elements in this area. Do not keep metal elements in this area either. To better understand what this means and how to apply it, read about the 5 Element Theory.

Set intention with joy, radiate love, and be grounded in the relationship energy you bring to your life. The most important thing is, set an intention of love and create a space that feels loving and good to you! 

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