Flu Fears?

The Flu shot effectiveness this year is in question. People are asking – what else can we do?
I’m not one to panic. For decades I have practiced natural solutions to good health and will share my thoughts on a few simple things that are working for me and some of my friends.

I have found that one very effective defense against COLD and FLU viruses are essential oils. They have been around for centuries and they are my go-to solution for just about any ailment. They have helped me maintain good health through the flu season and throughout my life. The quality of the oils makes a big difference so be sure to look for theraputic grade – some people even prefer organic. There are a number of different ways to diffuse essential oils so pick a diffuser that meets your needs.

Another more recently discussed prevention lies in gut health and some really good options to restore gut health are available online. A healthy gut will allow your natural immunity to fight off viruses and bacteria your body recognizes as undesirable.

Finally, just keeping your hands and surfaces clean – be sure to use natural products that don’t release toxins into your home.

Here are a few helpful products to keep you well…and, don’t forget exercise, fresh air, fruits and vegetables!