Hooray-Finally Some Help For Our Teachers


Quinnd makes it easy to keep your parents informed of your classroom needs! 

Let’s face it, the times of sending a note home requesting glue sticks and tissues are behind us.  Parents are busy, households are split between two parents and both like to know what is going on in their children’s lives.  Grandparents may also be engaged.  Keeping a real-time Quinnd wishlist is a convenient way to make your classroom needs available.  It also is another way to communicate to your parents about the projects you are working on.

Many people prefer donating items more than money.  They like to see the projects their donations are making possible.  Parents are busier than ever and don’t always have time to volunteer in the classroom, but they want to participate and this is a very easy way to do so.  They can just follow you on Quinnd and send a donation directly to you at the school, send it to their own home and drop it off to you…even pick it up at the local Walmart or Target.  They can do this easily while at work and can feel like they are active in the daily projects in the classroom.

Teachers can keep their lists current because as items are fulfilled, the quantities change.  Top priority items can easily be moved to the top by simply editing the item. You can also follow other teachers and see what products they are finding useful.  If it’s sold on the internet, it can go on your Quinnd Teacher Registry.

See a sample board below and email us if you have any questions when putting together your wishlist registry.  We are here to help you as we believe in people and companies who are doing good things in the world.

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