Mother’s Day – Give Her What She Wants

Mother’s Day is looming and who doesn’t want to give their mom a gift they want, but most of us don’t have a clue what that might be!  Coming up with ideas, sending links, pictures, lists, etc…too complicated?  Solution:  Keep your ideas on your personal Quinnd Collection.  Quinnd collections can be for many things…everyday beauty products, everyday shopping lists, recipes, vacation planning, occasion shopping, but specifically, the Want/Own/Considering list is a practical and fun way to keep a list of items that are just that:  things you want, things you own and think they are worth sharing, and things you are considering … all in one place and not scattered in 10 different shopping carts across the internet.  It’s a place where your friends and family can look and easily buy when they want to surprise you with something you want or are considering.  Keep your re-gift closet empty and make your Quinnd Collection now.  Share it with your family! You can make it an official wishlist/registry or just leave it as is. We have some great Mother’s Day ideas in our collection below.  You can add them to your collection by clicking on the crown icon.  Need help? Email us at and we will get you started.

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