Nonprofits Making a Difference

If you are a mindful giver, likely you would like to direct your donation dollars in a more meaningful way and get a little closer to the cause.  Tell us about nonprofits making a difference and we will contact them to show them how to appeal to a whole new group of purposeful givers.  In the meantime, check out this nonprofit to see if you can help them out. The smallest gift keeps on giving.

Nonprofit spotlight: we are featuring a Sarasota, FL nonprofit who has given the homeless a home since 1989.  Resurrection House greets up to 150 homeless every day with a smile and with respect.  They offer meals, showers, laundry services, bicycles and bus tickets to get to jobs, haircuts, counseling, clean clothing for jobs and for everyday use, and just a safe place to be.  It’s warm, dry and friendly.  They do all this without any government funding – so they count on us and their more than 180 volunteers!

One never hopes or expects to need services such as these, but isn’t it wonderful that so many pitch in to give to those who truly need a hand. 

They have some urgent needs, specifically food listed below.  Every donation is so appreciated.