Nonprofits Making a Difference

If you are a mindful giver, likely you would like to direct your donation dollars in a more meaningful way and get a little closer to the cause.  Tell us about nonprofits making a difference and we will contact them to show them how to appeal to a whole new group of purposeful givers.  In the meantime, check out this nonprofit to see if you can help them out. The smallest gift keeps on giving.

Nonprofit spotlight: Selah Freedom in Sarasota, FL. It takes 7-8 touchpoints with a victim of sex trafficking before she is ready and believes she deserves to step into freedom. Donating items from their wish list helps Selah Freedom build relationships with precious young lives in need of hope, freedom and a second chance. Their Outreach Program provides them with medical and legal aid, support groups, case management, trauma therapy, job placement and more.

They have some urgent needs listed below.  Every donation is so appreciated.