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Debbie Dannheisser Threads



Debbie Dannheisser Threads


About Debbie Dannheisser Threads

I am a artist and I love creating and experimenting with color. For years I have expressed myself on canvas. Debbie Dannheisser Threads combines colorful art and colorful clothing. Every legging, skirt and accessory we offer are designs from my original paintings. Love and life are passionate and unpredictable journeys full of happiness and sadness, light and darkness. The endeavor of my company is created from my feelings of both love and loss of our daughter Nicole. Creating art is part of the fibers of the bond and connection that she and I hold, and I want to keep her beautiful and colorful spirit alive. Finding this expression to honor her memory comforts me and gives me permission to continue to have joy in my life. We are a small, passionate family business. Everyone helps! From our grandmothers who help with packaging, inventory, and orders, to my husband who helps me organize my writing and our boys are my biggest fans and cheerleaders. With the love & support of my family and friends, I am filled with the love & inspiration to create on canvas what you can now wear in Threads!


Our Most Popular Threads

Our top selling Threads! Debbie Dannhiesser’s painting speak to different people’s hearts in different ways but there is a Thread for every woman! Whether you prefer naturescapes, abstract art or fluid art, this collection reflects the diversity in all of our beautiful customers.

Nature Inspired Threads

Debbie Dannheisser spent much of her childhood in the forests & fields of Georgia, soaking in the flowers, climbing trees and appreciating nature in all its patterns & presentations of color. This line features trees, blossoms & blooms that create a look that is one of a kind.

Heart Inspired Threads

Debbie Dannheisser loves to paint hearts and many of her paintings feature bright, bold & comforting hearts! Hearts of color, to create freedom and play, having a structure to guide us along our way. Reminding us that love beats at the center of each of our hearts!

Ocean Inspired Threads

Often inspired by her love of the water, the decorative and artistic appeal of Debbie Dannheisser’s paintings have been widely embraced. Her universal use of colors makes her work ideal for almost any setting and when translated to fabric, the wearable custom art helps you to make a fashion statement of your own!