You Can Help Them

“When we asked our ‘kids’ to describe themselves, they said they were:  optimistic, friendly, funny, determined, outgoing, respectful, confident and creative,” said Ellen McLaughlin of Schoolhouse Link., The Sarasota Y.  One word they did not use was homeless, but that is often a word that fits.

This nonprofit serves as the ‘Homeless Education Liaison’ for Sarasota County Schools.  They know that education is the best way to escape poverty and believe that the best place for homeless children and youth is in school.  They need your help and it is pretty easy.

Each school year, nearly 800 students and their families are homeless in Sarasota County.  They live in a variety of temporary locations including with friends/relatives, in shelters, cars, campgrounds, and motels.  Despite this, their rights to enroll in school, go to one school the entire year, receive transportation to that school and get the things they need to succeed are what Schoolhouse Link works to make happen for them.

Schoolhouse Link provides daily outreach and case management services to identify and serve homeless families and unaccompanied youth.  Their team members are in the schools, in the shelters, and on the streets every day. Their goal is to help students succeed in school, but that’s hard to do when you are hungry and have no place to sleep… so, they provide food, clothing, necessities, and medical care.

They need your help as there is always more to do and not enough money to do it.

Check out their wishlist and help a very noble effort. A little goes a long way. You can see their other wishlists here.