Bring Light Into the Darkness

BRING LIGHT INTO THE DARKNESS OF SEX TRAFFICKING and Grant a Wish to a worthy non-profit actively confronting that very issue.

Selah Freedom is a national nonprofit organization with the mission to end sex trafficking and bring freedom to the exploited. Established in 2011, Selah Freedom is the nation’s fastest growing anti-sex trafficking organization and is now recognized as the model for providing successful services to this population with the highest level of outcomes, standards and measurements. They are combatting domestic sex trafficking through four strong programs: Awareness/Education, Prevention, Outreach in the jails and on the streets, and Residential (safe housing). What began as a grassroots movement on the Gulf Coast of Florida has expanded nationally with hubs strategically placed in Chicago, Wisconsin, Los Angeles, and New York.

These programs work not only to bring light into the darkness of sex trafficking, but ultimately, to eradicate this crime against humanity. One out of three girls and one out of five boys are sexually abused, leading many of them to run away from the horror they experience at the hands of someone they should have been able to trust. After leaving home, 80% of runaways are approached by a skilled predator…a trafficker, who will sell them 15-40 times every 24 hours. The average age of entry into sex trafficking being 12-14 years old, and victims typically survive in “the life” up to seven years. Selah Freedom brings hope, healing and a new beginning to the precious young lives.

Survivors in their Residential Program receive a personalized education plans, trauma therapy, horse therapy, art therapy, life skills, mentorship, case management, job placement, medical and legal aid, and more. Selah Freedom continues to bring light into the darkness of sex trafficking throughout the country by exposing the root cause (childhood sexual abuse), preventing youth from exploitation, bringing healing and restoration to survivors, partnering with and training law enforcement, FBI, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and more.

75% of survivors in Selah Freedom’s Residential Program do not return to the streets and 100% of them are pursuing their education and career goals. One survivors shares that being at Selah Freedom is like “pressing the restart button on my life!” Another says that for the first time in her life, “I have a safe place to call home.”

Please help Selah Freedom and donate today.  Your help is needed.  See just a few of their needs (in Florida) in the registry below and check out all their registries and other locations on their profile.