The Hostess with the Mostess

Just Starting Out or Tired of Throwing Away Kitchen Products that don’t work or aren’t at all as advertized?

Do you ever wish you knew just what to buy for your kitchen so you didn’t spend a lot of money on things that really don’t work or you won’t use – even though you think you would?

We polled 20 top hostesses who have been doing it well for quite a few years. These women are amazing and particular. They have their tried and true favorites they can’t live without. Hold on to your hats because some of these things have been around for years and are still on their ‘favorites’ list, but some are new-found favorites that they covet!

Here are a few favorites:

Did you even know this existed! Such a problem solver and saves some time (and frustration)!

  • Easy Twist Jar Opener – Easi-Twist


    Simply Good Stuff


    This universal opener is designed to accommodate almost any jar in your kitchen. It’s fully compatible with lids from one to four inches in diameter, so you can easily open soda bottles, medicine containers, pickle jars, or pasta sauce with the same effortless speed. A thick rubbery layer on the inside grips tightly to metal […]

Listen…we know a pan isn’t sexy at all. BUT…a dirty, rusty, worn pan is much LESS sexy than this high-shine, easy to clean pan that Barb from Houston would recommend to any hostess.

Often knives at your dining table are an afterthought. You only really notice them at a fancy steakhouse. Well not anymore! Make your guests swoon over your next meal AND cutlery :).

  • Laguiole Jean Dubost Stainless-Steel Steak Knives, Set of 4


    William Sonoma


    High-quality, heavy-gauge stainless steel provides superior durability and stain resistance and pleasing heft. Slightly curved blade with serrated edge cuts easily through meat. Bolsters are decorated with a tiny bee, a symbol of France’s Laguiole region. Individually polished and finished by hand.


Don’t let your kitchen cabinets fill with junk you will use once then never again. Take it from the experts, these are some must haves for your kitchen. Click on the picture to read the full description of each product and why it made the list!