It’s November and we know what that means!!!

The Holidays are Coming!

I don’t know about you, but I have had many of the same holiday decorations for years and though worn and maybe even missing a piece or two – they have a lot of sentimental value.  Every vacation we would collect an ornament for our Christmas tree so today it looks like a collection of memories – although not at all the designer tree in the catalogs.

This year I’m making this elegant arrangement I found online.  I admit, it wasn’t easy to find all the elements, but then I realized, you can really change things around and make it to fit with your décor and to celebrate your special holiday.  You can even use some of your own ornaments rather than spend money on the organic look pictured.

I’ve ‘Quinnd’ all the items to create this awesome ‘organic’ display.  Check out my board below.  I’ve also added a few extra ornaments in different colors and styles so you can see that a substitute can easily work and perhaps suit you even better. You can even change it to make a year round. Here is how you create this: