It’s November and we know what that means!!!

The Holidays are Coming!

I don’t know about you, but I have had many of the same holiday decorations for years and though worn and maybe even missing a piece or two – they have a lot of sentimental value.  Every vacation we would collect an ornament for our Christmas tree so today it looks like a collection of memories – although not at all the designer tree in the catalogs.

This year I’m making this elegant arrangement I found online.  I admit, it wasn’t easy to find all the elements, but then I realized, you can really change things around and make it to fit with your décor and to celebrate your special holiday.  You can even use some of your own ornaments rather than spend money on the organic look pictured.

I’ve ‘Quinnd’ all the items to create this awesome ‘organic’ display.  Check out my board below.  I’ve also added a few extra ornaments in different colors and styles so you can see that a substitute can easily work and perhaps suit you even better. You can even change it to make a year round. Here is how you create this:


  • 10 Colors/ set of 4




    If Blue is your color, swap out the moss balls for these. PLUS, they come in 10 colors so you are certain to find one that matches your decor!

  • 13′ Artificial Agave Plant




    This 13″ plant is a good height to balance the entire look. You have so many plant and pot options online or in stores – various prices and stores. Wayfair has many different options and offers Free Shipping on most items. I liked this one because it’s clean and simple.

  • Glass Apothecary Candy Buffet Jars, Set of 3 – Contemporary – Decorative




    This is 50% off so I’m not sure how long this price will last, but these make a nice trio for a great price. CYS Apothecary Candy Buffet Jar with Lid, Set of 3, ranging in height from 9-16

  • Sheet Moss Preserved


    Joann Fabrics


    This is a VERY important element and can also be found at any craft store. This is used to cover the battery pack for the lights so must be part of your craft.

  • 18 Pc. Natural Exotic Dried Organic Decorative Balls –




    You don’t need all of these, but it’s a nice assortment giving you many options to change the look over the year. Note – some of the colors show out of stock from this source, but the neutrals are in stock so just change the color selection.

  • 2 strands of LED Twinkle Lights




    These are wonderful to have around during the holidays. They add warmth and charm wherever you put them and work so beautifully in this holiday craft.

  • Stylish And Simple Inspired Decorative Dried Sola Ball Bag Home Accent Decor –




    One I started researching this I found so many options I just wanted to keep adding different ‘looks’. I think the real key is to just google ‘decorative balls’ and you will find so many options. Walmart and all the large stores carry a lot of options.

  • 4″ Moss Ball


    Hobby Lobby


    You can find these all over – Home Goods, Michaels, AC Moore… Try different sizes for your containers and see if you like more of the smaller sized balls or fewer of the larger balls. Again, it’s a craft so add your personal style.